Version 1.2.2 of the ‘jolie’ plugin for the Sublime Text editor now supports the direct execution of Jolie programs from the editor’s interface on the main operating systems, i.e., Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Executing a Jolie program is as easy as pressing Ctrl+B (or Cmd+B on OSX) keys, which is the shortcut for launching the build command in the editor (Tools > Build).

Currently, the Jolie programs execute in different terminals according to the OS and the installed terminal emulators:

  • Windows: the default prompt console;
  • OSX: the default Terminal app or iTerm in case it is installed;
  • Linux: uses (and requires) x-terminal-emulator, which automatically starts the OS-defined default terminal (e.g., gnome-terminal for Gnome, konsole for KDE, etc.).

Thanks to Enrico Benedetti, Matteo Sanfelici, and Stefano Pardini for their help in building and refining the launcher for Linux.